Chelsea Emmanuel has been a professional Freelance makeup artist since the summer of 2011, but has worked with makeup for many years previous. She has graduated from the prestigious Blanche McDonald Center for makeup art in Vancouver.

Known by her friends as ‘The Makeup Queen’, her passion for makeup began as a young child due to the closet bursting full of makeup her Grandmother had as an Avon representative, which she would peruse and experiment with every chance she had. As soon as Chelsea had funds of her own they would be invested almost immediately into the purchasing of brands to expand her skills and techniques. When Chelsea was able to attend schooling it was a dream come true and only proved to drive her further into her passion for makeup.

Chelsea takes much inspiration from the artful color combinations found in nature that create striking, startling contrasts and surprisingly beautiful effects. Chelsea believes firmly in the importance of catering to the already existing beauty in your face, such as the color of your eyes or tone of your skin and enhancing that rather than try to hide it. So each session will be different from the next as she caters to each individual’s unique features.

“Treat your makeup like jewelry for the face. Play with colors, shapes, structures – it can transform you.”

François Nars